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Ambrosia apples are very sweet with very little acidity. Typically harvested late September to early October.

Best Uses: eating raw as a snack, or sliced in salads.

Aurora Golden Gala

Aurora Golden Gala taste sweet, crisp, juicy and mild with notes of honey.

Best uses: Eating fresh, or to be used in desserts. It holds its shape well when cooked.

California Blue

California Blue apples are very dry, without much juice. The flavor is mildly sweet, with some tartness.

Best uses: These apples are versatile, best used for eating fresh, cooking, baking, drying and making cider.


Courtland apples have crisp, finely-grained white flesh and are exceptionally juicy. The flavour is sharp, sweet-tart and vinous.

Best uses: They are a terrific baking apple. Great for pies, cobblers and crisps as well as in salads.


Crispin apples are big, juicy and super-crisp and have a sweet, slightly tart flavour with notes of honey.

Best Uses: These apples are very versatile. Great for eating fresh, but can also be baked, cooked in pies or turned into applesauce.

Early Italian


Empress apples taste sweet and tart. This apple is mostly red. It is ready at the end of August to the beginning of October.

Best Uses: It is especially good for fresh eating.

Fuji (Frozen)

Fuji apples are sweet, crisp, firm, low in acid.

Best Uses: Very useful in cooking. They work well in baking.


Gala apples are dense and mildly sweet.

Best Uses: Best eaten fresh as a whole apple or in fruit salad.

Gala Twin Bee

Gala Twin Bee apples are dense and mildly sweet.

Best Uses: Eaten fresh as dessert, or mixed in to fruit salad.

Gibson Golden

Gibson Golden apples have a sweet, juicy flavour.

Best Uses: Eating fresh.

Ginger Gold

Ginger Gold apples taste fairly mild, sweet, and a bit sharper than Golden Delicious.

Best Uses: This apple is equally good for fresh eating or for processing.

Golden Delicious

Golden delicious apples are firm, and crisp with honeylike, mildly sweet flavour.

Best Uses: They’re super versatile and can be juiced, dired, cooked into preserves or used in salads or eaten fresh as a snack.

Honey Crisp

Honey crisp apples are incredibly crisp with a balance in flavours between sweet and tangy.

Best Uses: These apples are incredibly delicious when eaten raw, as a snack or in salads, slaws and sandwiches. They’re also ideal for crisps and pies.

Imperial Gala

Imperial Gala apples taste sweet and mild.

Best Uses: Great for fresh eating.


Jona Gold

Jona Gold apples are big, crisp and juicy and they taste tart and sweet.

Best Uses: Ideal for cooking or baking. They also taste amazing in jams and sauces.

Jona Star

Jona Star apples are big, crisp and juicy and they taste tart and sweet.

Best Uses: Ideal for cooking or baking. They also taste amazing in jams and sauces.


LonJon apples have bold colours and flavours.

Best Uses: snacking, cooking and baking.


Mcintosh apples are super juicy with a tart and tangy flavour.

Best Uses: Mcintosh apples break down easily so they’re best for eating fresh, or in applesauce, or juice or cider.

Regal Gala

Regal Gala apples are sweet and mild flavoured. They are red in colour with yellow-green striping.

Best Uses: Delicious as a fresh, raw snack. Good also for baking or juicing.


Smoothie apples are a subtype of Golden Delicious Apples. These apples are very sweet.

Best Uses: These apples are great for eating and baking.

Sun Crisp

Sun Crisp apples are low in acidity, and have floral notes in the flavour.

Best Uses: Snacking on fresh apples, or turned into ciders, pies and sauces.

Vaery Italian

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